Schaudt EBL xx and AGM batteries

The loader Schaudt EBL xx is well known  not suitable for the loading of AGM batteries.

An AGM battery has 14.6 / 14.7 Volts needed as a master batch with a time of 3.5 to 4 hours.

Thus, as can be seen, in the graph below, the charge of the EBL not higher dan14,3 Volt

                                          In position GEL 8 hours with up to 14.3 Volt

                  This for AGM battery therefore not enough and it is never 100% loaded

                                         Examples load curve Lead / GEL - AGM


Initial charge

maintenance charge

full load

Lead / Gel batteries

                         But now what if you still have an AGM battery in the camper.

             Our technical department succeeded the Chargers with 18 Ampere version.

                                                   to adjust for AGM battery.

                             Voltage 14.6 to 14.7 volts, using a master batch time of 4 hours

                                           and trickle charging of 13.7 to 13, 8 Volt



After conversion, the EBL is only suitable for AGM battery


                            What can we do for you with your EBL xx 18 Ampere version.

       You ordered through our webshop Conversion EBL xx 18 ampere make the payment

                                           Send your properly packed EBL to us

                        After conversion, you will receive your custom (and tested) EBL return

                                                         Cost conversion.  € 150.00  excl retour transport

Send to:


Hobbemalaan 70

1816GE Alkmaar

The Netherlands

Phone 003172 5124909


No additional AGM charger which needs to get back to the 230 Volt and terminals on the battery

starter battery voltage remains limited to 13.5 volts